The Dish’s Picks Of The Week #6

Have you noticed all the international/national days happening lately. I missed the day of the woman, made if for the Rock Your Red Pump Day and lost a few readers because of it and you know what? I am okay with that loss.

Monday was Steak and A BJ Day.
I’m pretty sure it’s an international day.

We had pork chops for dinner.
What can I say?
The Dish asked me what I wanted for dinner and I said it’s up to you babe.
I’ll cook what ever you want as soon as I am done with my squats.
Which I think are working because he keeps slapping my ass really hard and after all those squats…that kind of hurts.

So he picked up pork chops for dinner on Steak and A BJ Day and I cooked them and we ate them and the end.

But let’s see  how I can tie this up with The Dish’s Picks this week.

Um…This is not just junk in the trunk.

Embedding has been disabled so if you just spent like five minutes clicking on this, I’m sorry but to see it in all it’s gory glory you need to go here. Which may be a questionable link with offensive words and naked women. Or giant naked ass.
Either way, it’s a win, win situation.

And then there is the cooking aspect…

I may or may not have confessed to a tiny crush on Charlie after watching this video. 

 Of course since it  was Steak And A BJ Day…Let’s Get It On.

So..How you doin’?